About Us

I remember a time when men had pride in the way they dressed. Men were known for their sense of style and demanded respect. Something happened along the way because it seems as though nowadays nobody even cares what they look like when they leave the house. From the man buns, to the skinny jeans, to the sagging pants...It’s a train wreck out there. I knew I had to do something to bring the gentleman back. The problem was that there was no one stop shop in existence. I had to painstakingly hunt for each piece. There had to be a better way. That is why I created the Dapper Gentlemen Collection. I believe that when men dress well, it benefits their mental health which in turn helps them to make better decisions for their families, jobs, and their own personal growth. Let us help you find that one piece you’ve been looking for to set yourself apart from the crowd and get that boost of confidence. Check out our collection here. If you would like to be ahead of the game on exclusive deals, subscribe to our newsletter at support@dappergentlemencollection.com. We’re also on social media! Follow us on IG @dapper_gman.